Providing intelligent solutions.

Providing intelligent solutions.


Digitally-assisted advisory process

InCube's Advisory Platform at a glance:


  • Client Due Diligence (KYC/AML) with digital approvals
  • Regulatory Client Classification with opt-in/opt-out
  • Client Risk Profiling including knowledge and experience, financial situation with balance sheet approach, financial risk ability, financial risk tolerance and investment objectives
  • Selection of Investment Strategy and Products
  • Intelligent investment ideas (recommender system)
  • Various levels of strategy customization (asset allocation, currency exposures, security preferences and restrictions)
  • Product Risk Control (PRC) based on market, credit and liquidity risk for suitability testing
  • Factor-based Risk Model for portfolio optimization and portfolio analysis
  • Market-view processor which incorporates the House View as well as the Client View into portfolio construction/optimization
  • Robust portfolio optimizers including scenario optimizers
  • Pre-trade Suitability Checks and Cost Simulation
  • Target Market Checks
  • Generation of Investment Proposals
  • Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring (suitability, portfolio events, restrictions)
  • Auditable Advisory Minutes
  • Reporting toolbox (KYC, Client Risk Profile, Investment Proposals, Portfolio Review)
  • Integration with core banking systems

Your benefits:

  • Digitally-supported advisory process enhances value proposition and increases process efficiency
  • Covers all regulatory and nonregulatory requirements during the advisory process
  • Provides relationship managers more time for human interaction with their clients
  • Offers state-of-the-art user experience to bank users and clients
  • Web-App runs on desktops and tablets
  • Modulare application with high degree of customization based on the needs of the bank